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Whether you want to publicise your product, service, idea, band, announcement or educational offering, promotional video is the most engaging and cost-effective medium available. And promotional video gets results in terms of generating leads and attracting an audience around your brand.

We’ll work with you to sort your promotional video

From script to web, we’ll work with you to create a promotional video that’ll get great results. We know a thing or two about online marketing, so we can help you get the most out of your promotional video by placing it where your audience is likely to be looking for your help. Social media channels like YouTube provide you with an opportunity to extend the reach of your promotional video and create a buzz around your product, service, message or creative project.

Is promotional video really that effective?

Thereu2019s a swag of market research around pointing to the effectiveness of video in promoting your product or service to your target audience:

Promotional Video

90% of online shoppers at a major retailer’s website said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions.

According to an Australian Retailer, real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without.

64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

You can reach hearts, minds (and wallets) with a promotional video:

Promote your product or service with a compelling piece of media

Explain your service offering or demonstrate how your product works, with an effective video targeted at your audience. Show your audience in your promotional video how your solution will answer their prayers, or provide a memorable experience by entertaining them as well as instructing them. Include the broader vision behind what you’ve built or are seeking to create for your customers’ benefit. Video is hands-down the best way to promote your product or service to your audience – and convert prospects into loyal customers.

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Create a video strategy and bring your sales to life

Video can be a highly effective component in your sales strategy, working at all stages of the sales cycle to generate leads, enhance pitches, and create more opportunities to close deals. The success of video as part of your sales strategy revolves around knowing what your audience wants and what really matters to them. And what sets you apart from your competitors in meeting the needs of your audience. Product demonstrations, customer testimonials, explaining technical issues and technology can all be effectively included in your promotional video.

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Video is a great way to recruit, or showcase your property for sale

Job and property listings will never be the same again, thanks to promotional video. Accurately target the staff member you are looking for with a video designed to reach your job-seeking audience. Present your property in a video as someone walking through would see it. That immediacy creates a great rapport with potential buyers.

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Build anticipation as your product launch approaches

Create video teasers to draw attention online to what you’ve got in store for your audience. This could be a series of short videos focused on the innovative features of your product, for example, that will specifically appeal to your target audience and create a buzz around your product.

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Promotional Video Examples

Here’s a selection of videos we’ve made for clients to publicise their products, services and creativity.

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