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Whether it’s a live performance, a conference, or a meeting of hearts and minds, we’ll capture all the action for you with an event video.

Event video adds great value for your audience

For example, include a video invitation with email marketing to attract people to your event.

When you have a video of your event, people who couldn’t make it will still be able to get full value from the occasion. Or, we can make a highlights clip for you to promote future events with.

Maybe you want to keep your event video for internal purposes only – we’ll consult thoroughly with you beforehand to make sure we’ve got all our ducks lined up before the big show.

How effective is video for conference and event marketing?

Well, the stats being bandied about are impressive. Here are three eye-catching examples:

event video

52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium

Businesses save at least 50% when they replace traditional instructor-based training with e-Learning.

There are many events that video can capture to give your audience a better sense of your business:

A festival of sights, sounds – and opportunities

Festivals are events that can last for anything from a day to several weeks and they’re also opportunities to showcase the involvement of your products and staff. Video is the ideal medium to record the sights and sounds and people interacting with your brand. We’ll sit down with you to plan how we can get the most out of capturing your festival footage.

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Make your big announcement effective

You’ve made a major business decision that will affect your audience. Or something has happened that requires you to make a personal appeal to your customers – perhaps you want to encourage your audience to make a particular decision.We’ll ensure you get the most out of the situation with a video that precisely communicates what you most need to convey, to the people who need to know it.

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Take the travel and stress out of delivering staff training

Communicate with your team effectively by making a training or tutorial video for in-house use to replace the headaches of organising live training events.

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Capture all the action at your big event

Whether it’s a conference, trade show, or a live performance, we’ll capture everything in style in your event video. Then we can edit the raw video into packages for distribution, to suit your strategy, or upload the finished product straight on to your website, quick smart.

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Event Video Examples

Here’s a smorgasbord of videos we made for clients’ conferences, lectures and music performances, to name a few.

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