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More and more Wellington businesses are using corporate video to get their brand, products and services in front of their online audience.

How we can assist you with your corporate video

We’ll get alongside you to make the process of producing a corporate video for your Wellington business as straightforward and risk-free for you as possible.

From planning what you need through to completing your video project on time and within budget, we’ve got the expertise to ensure your investment in a video achieves the most effective results.

Video is ideal for showcasing your solution online

Video maximises engagement with your target audience and directs traffic to your website. Here are some oft-quoted stats that back this up:

corporate video

75% of executives told Forbes they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.

50% watch business-related videos on YouTube.

65% visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video.

There are many ways you can make corporate video work for you:

Tell the compelling story of your brand

It’s a fact of life these days that a video telling the story of your brand is going to get noticed, and responded to, more than any other medium. For example, make a video about why and how you developed your unique product and how it’s helping people. Many Wellington businesses would have back-stories that audiences online would lap up. A video can both educate and entertain like no other medium.

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Showcase your solution and get endorsed at the same time

Case studies are like testimonials, only better. Case studies are ideal for demonstrating to all and sundry how you helped a customer find the solution they were looking for on your website. Case studies also work well from a user’s perspective. This means everyone can see the steps your customers take to reach the solution you’re offering, understand how it works, and make a purchase.

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Profile your Wellington business and your team

Introducing your business and your team on video is a great way to make that all-important personal connection with your audience.They will relate to you more readily if they can see, hear and understand who they’re purchasing from.

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Create an immediate rapport with your audience

No need to hide your light under a bushel. Show your business audience how savvy you are with a video interview that can be marketed online. This helps to build your credibility and demonstrate your thought leadership, or reassure people you’ve got their backs in a crisis. Video is ideal for customer support too – walk your audience through that process in a way that’s memorable and easy to digest.

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Corporate Video Examples

We think we got the job done in style in these examples of the corporate videos we’ve produced.

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